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moving Exclusive moving leads More than 15.3 million homes in the United States move each year, and more than half hire professional movers. Despite the tremendous opportunity in the industry, moving companies still struggle to get their brand known to consumers who need their services. To keep your business growing, you need constant access to prospects who are listing their homes or who have bought a new apartment.Whether you need local or long-distance contacts, we’ll flood your phone with Inbound high-intent calls from leads tailored to your specific business needs. We know that when most people are ready to move, they look online first; Our experts will help you generate qualified leads through organic SEO, Google AdWords and targeted ads on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. High-quality moving leads that convert Let’s connect you to millions of consumers on the go across the United States. We are experts in providing local, international and interstate relocation opportunities that grow into successful businesses. You will receive calls from verified owners who are willing to pay for your services. In addition, our quality services guarantee you a 11% sales conversion rate; That means you can expect at least one successful completion for every ten inbound calls we process. Don’t miss the moving jobs in your area! Contact with us now and use our state-of-the-art filtering systems to target homeowners in your area who have just bought a new home or are listing their home for sale. You can set your budget, how many mobile leads you want to buy and when you want to receive them. Additionally, we can integrate our system with your brand’s CRM so you can keep tabs on your campaign and ensure you’re getting the ROI you want. How we Pre-qualify Leads?  According to Konnect Leads the defination of a qualified call: -Prospects that are interested in long-distance moving -Prospects that are interested in interstate moving, one state to another state, that have a realistic budget. ROI

Increase Your ROI

We at Konnect Leads are aware of the requirement for your company to draw in new clients. To help our publishers and advertisers grow their businesses to new heights, we take into consideration their objectives and interests. Konnect Leads offers a scalable, effective, and secure platform to communicate with prospects that are really interested in your services and goods through our sophisticated per call and digital marketing campaigns. By developing smart, results-driven programs for our clients’ marketing needs, we hope to provide them with unrivaled service. Our performance marketing services and tactics are tailored to your needs regardless of your business objectives. You’ll receive:
  • Highest Return on Investment
  • Exact Traffic Match for Your Offers
  • Traffic Quality Monitoring
  • Frequent Automated & Manual Fraud Checks
  • Real Time Analytics & Performance Reports
  • Dedicated & Personal Account Management
  • Global Reach

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