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solar Get more customers with qualified solar leads The solar industry is growing rapidly, and more and more home and business owners across the US are turning to renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills. Millions of people looking to switch to a renewable energy source are actively searching online for reliable installation companies. As more installers try to attract customers, the best way to win more business and grow your business is to reach those prospects first. We offer installers high conversion solar cables that guarantee high ROI and increased revenue. Our expert marketers will help you generate high-intent incoming calls through organic SEO and targeted ads on search engines and social media platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc. We help you to win new customers. So you can focus on converting them, providing quality services and making more money. Qualified and Exclusive Solar Leads We bring you qualified inbound calls from thousands of customers across the United States and you never have to worry about competing with other installation companies. Our services are 100% exclusive and we guarantee our clients an average call time of 18 minutes and a sales conversion rate of 13% of the solar leads that buy from us. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find interested customers before your competitors.. How we Pre-qualify Leads?  According to Konnect Leads the defination of a qualified call: -Prospects looking to get solar power installed at their home. -Prospects who are homeowner -Prospects having a good credit score -Prospects having electricty bill more than 100$/month ROI

Increase Your ROI

We at Konnect Leads are aware of the requirement for your company to draw in new clients. To help our publishers and advertisers grow their businesses to new heights, we take into consideration their objectives and interests. Konnect Leads offers a scalable, effective, and secure platform to communicate with prospects that are really interested in your services and goods through our sophisticated per call and digital marketing campaigns. By developing smart, results-driven programs for our clients’ marketing needs, we hope to provide them with unrivaled service. Our performance marketing services and tactics are tailored to your needs regardless of your business objectives. You’ll receive:
  • Highest Return on Investment
  • Exact Traffic Match for Your Offers
  • Traffic Quality Monitoring
  • Frequent Automated & Manual Fraud Checks
  • Real Time Analytics & Performance Reports
  • Dedicated & Personal Account Management
  • Global Reach
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