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fe More people are becoming aware of the value of final expenditure insurance. Insurance agents now have a great opportunity, and live transfer leads are a great method to take advantage of that chance. However, not every provider of live transfer leads is the same. Make sure you are aware of what to look for before choosing a live transfer lead partner. Increasing Demand for final expense coverage Findings from LIMRA and Life Happens’ Insurance Barometer Study show that 31% of customers feel COVID-19 has increased their likelihood of purchasing insurance in the coming year. Although many people still lack insurance, 59 percent of uninsured consumers claim that life insurance is necessary. There are many different types of life insurance policies available, each with a different benefit level, set of features, and cost of the premiums. Final expense insurance may be of interest to consumers who don’t require bigger benefits or the higher premiums that go along with them. According to Parting, the average traditional funeral in North America can cost between $7,000 and $10,000, so it’s crucial to budget for ultimate costs. Buying insurance is one method to do this. Taking Advantage of the Final Expense Market Opportunity Based on data from the Life Insurers Council, Think Advisor claims that the last expensive life insurance premium grew by 9% between 2019 and 2020. The purchase of life insurance, including ultimate expense insurance, is becoming a popular choice. However, when selling last expense insurance, timing is crucial to closing the sale. If you approach a customer before they’re prepared to make a purchase, you’ll merely end up chasing useless leads. On the other side, if you wait too long, your rivals will gain an advantage. Consumers must be reached precisely at the time of purchase readiness. You can do it using live transfer leads. You can purchase calls with qualified leads already on the line when using live transfer leads. A call centre agent first speaks with the potential customer. The contact centre representative transfers the prospect to the call buyer if the call appears promising. This system resolves a number of issues with existing lead generation techniques. You don’t need to squander time contacting numbers and getting disconnected. You don’t need to be concerned about losing to your rivals at the finish line. When a lead is transferred live, you can be sure that they are both very interested and available at that same moment. You’re right if you think this sounds fantastic; it is fantastic. It can be, at least. However, in reality, not all live transfer lead partners are created equal, therefore you must be able to differentiate between good and terrible partners. The good, the bad, and the ugly are listed here. The Good: Exclusive Final Expense Leads with 100% Contact Rates The ability to access prospects who are prepared to buy before your rivals can act is a significant benefit of live transfer leads. Therefore, exclusivity is crucial. You ought to receive 100% unique leads when you work with a live transfer ultimate expense lead partner. The contact rate is yet another important benefit. Contact rates might typically be low. Inbound calls are especially true in this regard. Some persons might have altered their phone numbers, while others might just no longer pick up the phone. You wind up squandering a lot of time as a result. You can receive a 100% contact rate with live transfer leads. Unqualified leads and a lack of scalability are The Bad. Using final expense live transfer leads should give you access to qualified leads who are prepared to make a purchase. Sadly, some lead partners might not provide the necessary services. In the live transfer lead system, the prospect is initially spoken to by a call centre representative. The representative might use this as an opportunity to qualify the lead and warm up the prospect. But what if the call centre employee rushes through every call transfer? A bigger call volume will come from this, but more calls that are ineffective will also occur, wasting your time. The effectiveness of live transfer leads is undermined by these strategies, so make sure your live transfer lead partner provides highly qualified leads. Scalability is another factor to take into account. Avoid paying for more calls than you can afford. However, you also don’t want to receive too few calls. If you don’t have access to more calls as you expand, your company will stagnate. It’s important to have the correct number of leads. Make sure you select a partner who can support you as you grow while looking for partners for final expense leads. The Ugly: The Possibility of Non-Compliance While most lead partners conduct their business honestly, there are a few players you should be wary of. If you don’t take precautions, one of these less honorable businesses could seriously injure your business. There are numerous restrictions to take into account when operating in marketing and sales. These include the Do Not Call Registry and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The CAN-SPAM Act, copyright guidelines, and other legal restrictions may also have an impact on what you are and are not permitted to do. You run the danger of alienating your customers and ruining the reputation of your business if you work with a non-compliant lead provider. Additionally, you can be identified in a case that carries the risk of severe fines. Don’t just look the other way when it comes to this crucial subject; compliance is vitally necessary. Ask about compliance regulations before deciding on a partner for your live transfer leads, and make sure you select a final expense live transfer lead partner you can trust. Are You Receiving the Best Live Transfer Leads for Final Expenses? A excellent tactic to use in your last expense insurance sales campaigns is live transfer leads. Make sure you’re working with a live transfer leads partner who can offer the following in order to achieve the best ROI.
  • 100% Exclusive leads
  • TCPA Compliant
  • Qualified leads with ready-to-buy Prospects
  • Scalability to assist with growth
  • Complete conformity with regulations
How Konnect Leads produces the World’s Best Final Expense Leads?
  • At Konnect Leads, our focus is on doing the proper aspect for the customer. Period. We do now no longer push representatives to get a transfer at any value, no matter compliance issues. Instead, we emphasize exceptional in addition to quantity. This manner that our services are TCPA-compliant and set your marketers up for success. We understand that after your value in step with acquisition is lower, your backside line is better, and we assist our consumers get the CPA and conversion prices they need.
  • We are interested in building long-time period relationships, and the consumers that come to us live with us for years. We schedule ordinary check-in meetings with you to make certain your persisted satisfaction.
  • We try to earn the trust of consumers, and we additionally act as relied on consumer advisors. Consumers who’ve visible our educational content material call in for more information. These callers get hold of a pleasant and academic process – now no longer a difficult sell – earlier than they’re transferred to you.
How We Pre-qualify Leads? According to Konnect Leads the definition of a qualified call: – Prospect that are interested in final expense quotes – Prospects that are between 45 to 80 – Prospects that are decision makers -Prospects that do not have no Pre-existing conditions – Prospects that have an Active Bank Account Are you receiving the ideal live transfer leads for final expenses? Don’t accept less. Make a partnership with Konnect Leads to increase your success. ROI

Increase Your ROI

We at Konnect Leads are aware of the requirement for your company to draw in new clients. To help our publishers and advertisers grow their businesses to new heights, we take into consideration their objectives and interests. Konnect Leads offers a scalable, effective, and secure platform to communicate with prospects that are really interested in your services and goods through our sophisticated per call and digital marketing campaigns. By developing smart, results-driven programs for our clients’ marketing needs, we hope to provide them with unrivaled service. Our performance marketing services and tactics are tailored to your needs regardless of your business objectives. You’ll receive:
  • Highest Return on Investment
  • Exact Traffic Match for Your Offers
  • Traffic Quality Monitoring
  • Frequent Automated & Manual Fraud Checks
  • Real Time Analytics & Performance Reports
  • Dedicated & Personal Account Management
  • Global Reach

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