Get High Quality Live Transfer in seconds !

Konnect Leads USA-based call center qualifies every call, delivering customers who are ready to buy. Plus, live transfer leads convert 300% faster than those from other forms of marketing!

All Calls are 100% Exclusive, ensuring no time is wasted hunting for more. Live transfers deliver a strong competitive advantage: Nearly 80% of sales go to the first company that speaks to the contact. You’re always first with live transfers!


Never waste time and money chasing prospects again. With live transfers, you can enjoy a 100% contact rate, guaranteed! You’ll spend time making money, not wasting it.


With our live transfer calls, you have the ability to speak with each prospect before you incur a charge for the call. Never waste money on leads again.


Shared leads are exhausted by the time you make a call. Our live transfer will only be available to your team and will be connected within seconds. You are always the first!

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