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medicare Buyers!! As AEP is around the corner and you are looking for are strong lead generation partner. We are here to help! Konnect Leads is one of the best performance marketing solution for everything insurance. We assist clients with suitable marketing partners within our network, pairing them for long-term success in maximizing profits. Our goal is to help you achieve continuous profitable scalable growth .Our client-first approach drives us to deliver only the highest quality product for our clients to ensure our interests are aligned for the long term. Konnect Leads has stood out in the Medicare insurance lead generation sector thanks to its dedication to reliability, excellence, and compliance. These ideals mean more to us than just trendy marketing phrases.
Our Preferences
  • Quality
  • Compliance
  • Client Satisfaction

Because Medicare supplement policies are for such a specified part of the population, it isn’t continually smooth to locate certified leads. Insurance retailers can without problems spend greater than 1/2 of in their each day paintings day doing not anything however attempting to find capacity customers. Considering the converting global of net and social media advertising and all the different one of a kind approaches an agent has to marketplace his commercial enterprise nowadays, it’s far nearly not possible to have any time left withinside the day to really try and promote a Medicare complement coverage or and make a few money.

If you’re an coverage agent suffering to locate certified Medicare supplement leads, you need to come to be a purchaser of Konnect Leads today and watch your business change practically overnight. Konnect Leads is a lead generation company unlike any other. Our proven systems will have certified leads flowing into your organization inside mins of making your account.

Konnect Leads works with the aid of using putting in place lead generation web sites and social media campaigns that particularly goal folks that are interested in buying a Medicare complement coverage right now. The customer is then called by Konnect Leads’s center, and one of the specialised agents is going to work to pre-qualify the consumer primarily based totally in your unique guidelines. Once the consumer has been pre-qualified as a good customer to your organization, they may be without delay transferred through phone in your organization. This presents you the possibility to promote a Medicare supplement coverage at the precise time a consumer is prepared to buy one.

Konnect Leads is familiar with that a sparkling lead is valuable to a Medicare supplement sales agent. Leads produced with the aid of using different corporations are frequently some days old, and there is a great hazard that the capacity consumer isn’t as excited to buy a Medicare complement coverage days when they made their preliminary inquiry. Konnect Leads desires you to achieve success with the leads we provide, and our complete manner of lead generation is set up with the end sale in mind.

How Konnect Leads produces the World’s Best Medicare Suppliment Leads?

  • At Konnect Leads, our focus is on doing the proper aspect for the customer. Period. We do now no longer push representatives to get a transfer at any value, no matter compliance issues. Instead, we emphasize exceptional in addition to quantity. This manner that our services are TCPA-compliant and set your marketers up for success. We understand that after your value in step with acquisition is lower, your backside line is better, and we assist our consumers get the CPA and conversion prices they need.
  • We are interested in building long-time period relationships, and the consumers that come to us live with us for years. We schedule ordinary check-in meetings with you to make certain your persisted satisfaction.
  • We try to earn the trust of consumers, and we additionally act as relied on consumer advisors. Consumers who’ve visible our educational content material call in for more information. These callers get hold of a pleasant and academic process – now no longer a difficult sell – earlier than they’re transferred to you.

How We Pre-qualify Leads?

According to Konnect Leads the definition of a qualified call:
  • – Prospect that are interested in Supplement or Advantage plan
  • – Prospects that are above ages 65
  • – Prospects that are decision makers
  • – Prospects that has Part A or Part B active – Prospects that are/are not on Medicaid -Prospects that do not have no Pre-existing conditions
  • – Prospects that have an Active Bank Account
  • – Prospects that are not on Tricare/Retirement Coverage

Increase Your ROI

We at Konnect Leads are aware of the requirement for your company to draw in new clients. To help our publishers and advertisers grow their businesses to new heights, we take into consideration their objectives and interests. Konnect Leads offers a scalable, effective, and secure platform to communicate with prospects that are really interested in your services and goods through our sophisticated per call and digital marketing campaigns. By developing smart, results-driven programs for our clients’ marketing needs, we hope to provide them with unrivaled service. Our performance marketing services and tactics are tailored to your needs regardless of your business objectives. You’ll receive:
  • Highest Return on Investment
  • Exact Traffic Match for Your Offers
  • Traffic Quality Monitoring
  • Frequent Automated & Manual Fraud Checks
  • Real Time Analytics & Performance Reports
  • Dedicated & Personal Account Management
  • Global Reach

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